19 May 2017

Cabinet Maker feature: Communicating in a crisis

A PR crisis can affect any business. Make sure you're prepared, should the worst happen.

In the latest of our series of marketing features for Cabinet Maker magazine, the UK's longest serving furniture industry publication, we look at the topic of crisis communications.

Our managing director Natasha Wright discusses the implications of crisis comms for independent furniture retailers, and why it is now more important than ever to have the right plans in place.

"Many businesses assume there’s no way a crisis could affect them, but in many cases the issue affecting you may be something that is not your fault and could not have been prevented," she says.

"The crisis also doesn’t necessarily have to be something that would involve the traditional media.  Plenty of damage can be done to a company’s reputation via social media and spiteful reviews online, and many potential customers will read and consider these before making a high value purchase decision."

Read the full article for our top tips on forming a crisis communications plan, or give us a call on 01257 484315 if you need some professional advice.